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Managing Trustee


Chairman & Managing Trustee

Over five decades ago, Nehru Group of Institutions was established and right from the beginning, the institution has followed a unique approach to serve the community, be it students or the public, in general, with a vision of providing service through education and humanitarian works. Our conglomerate of 20 colleges is one of oldest organizations dedicated in Coimbatore and Kerala that has consistently worked towards empowerment and social change through Aeronautics, Architecture, Arts, Engineering, Science, Medical, Research and Technical education in India.

Being bestowed with the monumental responsibility of leading NGI with such rich heritage is a challenge by itself. I am proud that the rise of our institutions is not from the high rise concrete structures and technological infrastructure, but comes entirely from its intricately intertwined learning process and human resources, which has been the focus on education during its 50 years of existence.

NGI was established primarily to promote research and collaborative educational programs that would eventually grow and develop into a globally known centre of excellence. It is also my belief that active engagement with corporate industry in the form of internship programs, group discussions, entrepreneur awareness programs and personal interactions with the top brass of the industry is essential for NGI to maintain thought leadership. Effective Teaching Methodology through transformational training, coaching, mentoring, and other instruments of leadership development will definitely see our students transform into entrepreneurs than mere job seekers.

Wishing you all the best and a great success in taking NGI to the next level of Excellence.

NGI Institutions