POSIT Learning System

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"

"We provide clarity to your vision through step by step instructions with personalized training to help you to achieve your goals."

We are building an applied learning platform for the first time backup by POSIT curriculum. As a part of continuous improvement in quality education, NGI introduced the POSIT learning system into academic curriculum. POSIT is an applied learning system which gives an opportunity to studentsto develop their skills to fulfil their future endeavours. It is a flexible combination of theoretical and practical learning such as Project Learning, Outbound Training, Syllabii Learning and Industrial Training. It aims to enable the students to understand fundamental theories & concepts to develop beginner's skill set and generic skillsthrough application and practice. It nurtures creativity and makes students to think out of the box so that they can explore their career aspiration and orientation for life-long learning and makes students to be a job –creator rather than being a job-seeker.

Features of POSIT

  • It teaches students to dream their endeavours.
  • It makes their ideas come true.
  • It nurture creativity and makes students think out of the box.
  • It creates environment for self-development.
  • It includes syllabii based curriculum.
  • It include project and activity based learning system.
  • It teaches to learn & unlearn through outbound training.
  • It reveals student's inner strength and breeds outer strength.
  • It cultivate team spirt through exercises.
  • It facilitates corporate training like Internship / In-Plant training.
  • It provides beginner's skill set.
  • It makes them to become self-motivated.

POSIT Curriculum Schedule

  • Project / Activity Based Learning - 20%
  • Outbound Training - 5%
  • Syllabi Based Learning -60%
  • ndustrial / Corporate Training -15%
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